Magic is an internationally known Producer/Engineer,

who has recorded and / or produced such talents as Barbara Streisand,

Eric Clapton, David Lee Roth, and the Commodors.


With such work style diversification as Jazz with Miles Davis, Country with Gary Morris,

and R&B with Michael Jackson, and Tina Marie. This list goes on to include

Tina Turner, Melissa Manchester, Phil Collins, etc. 


He has mixed records internationally for such artists as;  Franco DeVita and Ilan Chester,

in Venezuela, Madrid, Paris, Switzerland and Sophia, Bulgaria,

mixing the European sensation "Rose Fever" for the Bulgarian Government.


Magic is Spanish/French, born in Los Angeles California. He was a

child singer/performer for the world renowned "Mitchell Singing Boys", having appeared

and performed in motion pictures and radio, while touring

extensively from the age of 8 years old.  He also toured extensively as

the lead singer / writer / producer of the prominent

1990s rock band TREASON, whos highly successful CD Bite Me,

received international & domestic acclaim. 


Magic is currently the singer and producer for the New Age sensation "INNER LIGHT",

and is also a prolific spiritual solo artist devoted to bringing the

magical quality of music into an expression that will harmonize all humanity. 


He has produced such spiritual artists, as

Cecilia from Iceland, Paul Armitage, Verenia Lind, Richard Hardy, Anton Mizerak,

        Rashid Lanie, Royal Adams, and percussionist Cristo Pellani.


Magic owns and operates Magic Presence Studios

in Redondo Beach California, an exclusively 192K facility for tracking and mixing

of stereo and 5.1 DVD-A formats, including postproduction audio for

Theatrical, and High Definition Television applications.


He is Chairman of the Board and CEO of Treason Publishing and Entertainment Inc.