Treason  "Bite Me" CD

Artist: Treason
Produced by Magic Moreno

The exhilarating Heavy Rock Majesty of Treason is breathtaking.  Its powerful rhythmic punch and blazing guitar style is tailor-made for Magic's lyric and vocal dynamics.  The album dramatically parallels their concert performances, starting with a bellowing executioner's voice metaphorically condemning mankind for its crimes against nature. It then explodes into textures and themes that follow a path to finding and embracing love, compassion and wisdom in all areas of life.  Treat yourself to a musical experience that simultaneously takes you back, and forward into a future filled with the power of love.

Dedicated to the memory of Ron Richmond whos thrilling presence on stage and friendship  made performing so fulfilling.


Ron was the last bassist before a ten year break in our rock careers as Treason. Our original bassist and cowriter was Freddie Mooney.  Magic started the
band with Freddie, drummer Glenn Noyes, and guitarists Mike Cochran and Larry Pitts, (brother Ron Pitts played keys). Latter Larry was replaced by James Baker, in the original band named, "The Magic Moreno Band". As the name changed to "Treason", guitarist Steve LaVoie joined the band covering both
guitar parts. Pictured above, is guitarist Scot Lange who replaced Steve soon after the album was recorded.

 Steve LaVoie played the guitar tracks you hear on the album.  During the mid 90's for 3 years pianist/synthesist Steve Curto joined the band, freeing up Magic to prowl the front of the stage and just sing.  Background vocals live and in the studio were sung by Glenn, Ron, Steve and Magic.  Many more details about the evolement of this band including managers, recordings, performances, sound tracks, venues, and personnel are on the Bands Page of this site. For the specifics of the recording of this album including, song writing, lyrics, studios and development process, click on the  Album Details link.