Archive Date   12/25/11 :

For the 27th year in a row we, (my dear friends and family), took to the
streets and hospital corridors Christmas caroling.

It was as heart warming and satisfying as ever. Every patients room we walked into was
like the first, filled with joy, tears and memories as the children
with beaming faces wished them, Merry Christmas.


And of course we finished with
a hillarious version of The Twelve Days of Christmas that brought down
the house. Here are a couple of pictures of our motley crew.


Archive Date  12/22/11 :


The producing of wonderful artists is a passion and a release !!

In these last few months I've had the extraordinary pleasure to produce and mix
seven wonderful talents.

Per Se' **** Shadows Entwined **** Jory Glick


Blues Street **** Idiot Stare **** Rio****Treason 2012


Each one of these jewels is a super nova about to explode on this earth in 2012.


Merry Christmas !!

                                     PER SE'  (CLICK)                                         SHADOWS ENTWINED (click for video)

JORY GLICK  (CLICK)                                                            RIO

                        TREASON 2012  (CLICK)                                        BLUES STREET  (CLICK)


Archive Date 7/16/10 :

Ascending Hearts Conclave

Ressurection Conclave

Radiant Rose Conclave

Yes there have been three major performance events
since I have last sat down to update the current news on my website.
But alas, without deffering to common excusses,
much life, and life circumstances have taken place. yes, on a daily

Yours truly has had three artists album projects neck and
neck to the finish lines, changed Post production studios amid stream,
enjoyed the great honor of being my son christian's playmate
and summer fun cruise director par excellance, became the proud owner of
a new motocycle, and renovated, updated, and otherwise
kept Magic Presence Studios as THE foremost highest quality recording
studio north of the Fiji Islands !! I've been busy eh !!

And I've entirely left out the fact that, aside from producing
these wonderful artist. I have also just released my own new CD,.....
.............wait for it,........wait for it,........."Music Of The Light" !!!!!

It would be entirely self serving, and bosting
for me to call it brillant, but others have said it, I'll just reference them.

The new CD is filled with light filled themes
both written by me and by some of the most talented writters of
our time. It's been a labor of love to make each
of these arrangements reflect the true essence of what my intuition
has lead me to feel as the heart of what each writter
portrayed at the core of each composition.


On another note, I'd like to thank all of my friends and wonderful
industry profesionals who have helped, guided and supported me through
this post production studio change. As I've always known,
these transitions come about for the better. And my dear friends
at Universal, Sony, Warner Bros., Todd-AO, Technicolor,
Fox and HBO, have kept me a float, until I found my new home
at Paramount Studios, where I just love it !!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
each and every one of you for remembering me and the colorful
past we've shared over the years.


Now, on yet another note, are the three Conclave
festivals I've had the honor to perform at these last few months.
Last November, the Ascending Hearts Conclave
started with a roaring 20s,30s, and 40s theme, honoring the
Great Ascended Masters of the I Am dispensation.
We ushured in the event with our favorite music such diversified
artists as Glenn Miller, Cab Callaway, Tex Beneke,
Al Jolson, Judy Garland, Billy Holiday, James Cagney, Fred astaire,
Tommy Dorsey, to the comical Jimmy Durante,
Marx Brothers, and Jerry Lewis.

Oh, and did we ever Charleston!!
There are some images below of some of the great
costumes that were doned for the opening ceremony.

Then in April the Ressurection Conclave,
a more somber, sacred event, gave me the thrill of a life time
to present and kick off the the first unvailing of
the new CD "Music Of The Light".
And although a sacred event, I couldn't help but perform
the semi whimsical but romantic rendition from
the album, "You Are My Sunshine", a mostly accapella version,
alla Mills bros. meet ,......
( I'll fill in this name latter). I also sang, "Eternal Flame"
and "Extraordinary Life", from the same recording.

At the Radiant Rose Conclave, the theme was
our roots of the Rose Pink ray, and Violet Flame coming from
the Medieval times of Camalot, Merlin, and of course
Excalibur, the sword that could only be released by stating
that all important truth which is at the heart of
all that is sacred.

In the pictures below you can see
the elegant costumes and preparations that were
constructed for a most celebrational
opening Tounament of the Radiant Rose Festival.

The evening was filled with music, dancing
a competition of Knights of the relms, laughter, cheering,
invocation, and a deep understanding of how
much has come to pass, all framed in a psudo game show
host atmosphere.

The song I composed for the event
"Excalibur", was well recieved with a standing ovation.
And it was one of the most gratifying
performances for me, because my mother was
able to attend in full costume, partisipate,
and see her son perform for her again, after many

The play, "Akasha and Asun in Camalot",
was hillariously well written, exicuted, and recieved.
It was complete with Fencing, music, Merlin, King Arthur.
The Lady of the Lake, and of course Akasha
and Asun played by non other than your truly.

Alas, one can only hope that somewhere in
this life's lessens, I will be be graced with a deeper
sense of humility, but thats quite another story.
One that will not find too much room in this,
my own blog.

God bless all who have graced the
the many stages of our hearts.

Enjoy the pictures below,
and the music links to hear selections from the
New CD "Music Of The Light"
soon to be released on
I Tunes, CD Baby, and Amazon.

To hear "Excalibur" click "Hear"

Archive Date  4/2/10  : 


"The Jory Glick Project"

"It"s Always Something",.......Killer Vocal Session !!


This last Tuesday Jory waltzed into the studio
like nothing, put down his bag of vocal percs and some of
his favorite snacks, looked up and said, " Alright lets
do it". He was obviouly ready. This new song had just been written
last week, and I said we better sit in the control room
for a few and scope it out. My ruff mix of the track was smackin
and I could already hear the vocal we had scketched out
in my head. but then there were the details of how to transition
from this part to that part, and a handful of ideas about
what to do with the bridge, needed to be finessed.

Before too long we had done some vocal
warm up and were in the vocal booth setting Jory's mic.
Almost as soon as I openned up the faders on
the first pass,.....It was a perfect first take, a take I didn't want to
let go of. One of those vocal interpretations that
although maybe not the final, final take, one that set the tone
of this, "the girl is just one thing after another" kinda
vibe. The feeling of "she's putting me through changes, and yeah
she's quite crazy, but I ain't gonna run,.. all of this
makes her something special", tone in his voice. All
in those first couple of lines. Jory had definetly thought about
this character he was singing about.

We stayed on track for most of the afternoon,
hammering out one feeling and intention after another.
His voice got more intense going into the choruses,
and then staved off into an introspection during the verses.

The song had to be just so, to be part of the up
coming live tour. The rehearsals of which had been wearing
on Jory, but still toughening up his stamina. He says
it's hard to judge which aspect of the process is more demanding,
the recording, or the live performance.

From a producers stand point, It's the definitive
quality of the forever cronicled recorded version, that weighs
heavy, verses the instantanious hit or miss of the live
performance format. They both gotta be right and they both
can't be fudged.


Jory's a true artist, and a pleasure to produce
the new album will take peoples heads off.

Check back here for more on the unfolding story
of how Jory's career explodes onto the world stage.


Archive Date  7/16/09  :  "RADIANT ROSE CONCLAVE"

Academy of the Rose Pink Ray '09 EDMONTON, ALBERTA CANADA  

A wonderful and supremely grounded manifestation of bliss
found it's home this last weekend, as the "Academy
of the Rose Pink Ray" hosted it's Radiant Rose Conclave,
in Edmonton Alberta.

The theme was the full bloome of mother Earth,
celebrated by the all partisipants in the opening ceremonies, and throughout
the entire event with colorful costuming beautiful lush
ambiences, and glittering sparkly trees.


The event was filled with love, laughter, and many


The opening ceremony was filled with drumming
tribal dances, and a grass skirted tribal cheiftan character
leading the pack. That was me, the MC in the
rediculous but provocative green costume.

The Academy Players performed their 4th installment
of the life and times of Akasha and Asun.
and this time introducing the fabulous character of
Mahara Brenna as Asuns mother, and a brilliant
surprise cameo by Usa Russel. as Asuns Father,
King Melchior.


Music filled the air from Paul Armitage, Isaiah Emanuel,
Leonard Howell, and the Goddess from Ireland,
Denise Hagen.
I got to stretch my pipes, in a few directions, from ballads,
to a rock / spiritual version of
"These Are The Times".


Amidst the fun, and solid core teachings
brought forth from beloved Akasha and Asun, and
among other Masters who blessed us, including the
inexplicably playful persona of Master Pan,
Usa introduced all of us to messenger #2,
beloved Jade. Who also performed
in the play with his brother as Archangels
Michael and Raphael.

And as a tribute to the everlasting
gift that Our Usa has given to all of us,
He was presented with the beautiful
portrait painted by Gaylea, that you see
below in the pictures.

Enjoy these shots, with an appology
for having taken so long to post them, but hey,
we all get busy. And they are here prior to
the up coming Ascending Hearts Conclave,
soon here in November.

As always let me praise the inspired set decorators,
planners, writers, actors, sound, video, and
photo designers. Who I really taxed to the limit
putting on this elaborate party.

A special thank you should be written to
every volunteer. But let me start with
Sharon & Brian Hladun, Christianne, Ema, Ian,
Alexander, Leanne, Mahara, Diona,
Richard, Connan, Joanne, Isaiah, Denise, Leonard, and
Paul Armitage, (who says he always gets forgotten,..hah),
And to just everyone, although I haven't written
your name, Thank you so much.


Archive Date  11/16/08  :  "Renaissance Ascended Master's Ball"

Academy of the Rose Pink Ray '08 Conclave


An incredible vision found it's way to
out picture in our reality this last weekend, as the "Academy
of the Rose Pink Ray" hosted it's yearly Ascending
Hearts Conclave.

It has been my great honor to be the Academy's
annual MC, and perform my latest creations, act, and
generally have the time of my life
engaging our wonderful and Light filled students, on just
about every subject that my little brain would
lite upon.

And this year was no exception. As I
welcomed our radiant audience to each segment of the itinerary,
we spoke about everything from food, the
political climate, to the the way that my tights kept
riding up on me.

Yes, you read correctly, fore this Conclave
had the extravagant distinction of commencing with a
"Renaissance Master's Ball", complete with
String Chamber Quartet, lavish Ballroom, and a compliment of
the most charming and inventive costuming


I've enclosed some pictures below
of just a few of our ballroom dancers, who graced the
sounds of Bach, Vivaldi, Strauss, and Mendelson,
with eloquatious waltzes, Minuets, and Burees. Amid a
packed dance floor, they spun, aligned, and
cheered to the calls and direction of their MC host, me.


As the proclamation was read, attesting
to the great acheivments acquired and anticipated,
the music gave way to a toast honoring the
The Great Renaissance Ascended Masters, who have
played their part in our development so richly.

Throughout the weekend our beloved Akasha and Asun
brought home the Violet to live in our hearts, assisted by the
Mighty Goddess', and Saint Germain himself.

The theme of the entire festival was the Renaissance,
with colorful vestige, from plumes to wreaths, worn in every
conceivable manner.

My performances and those of the other
presenters were met with heart felt acceptance.
 At the end of my final performance I gave
a tribute to our collective triumph for change, in electing
to the United States Presidency an agent for peace.

I couldn't resist. I performed
a song which I had written for Barack Obama
and the Goddess of Liberty, and then while
singing it, I found myself leading a conga line around
the entire auditorium, and dancing across the
backs of the chairs. I closed amid the sounds of fireworks
crowning our great acheivement.

I congratulate the co-creation of this
magnificent event, not only to our stary participants,
but to the inspired set decorators, planners,
writers, actors, sound, video, and photo designers.
 And of course, the gracious benefactor
of our school, Usa Russell.

Before I close, I also take great pleasure
in thanking the playwrite of the "Akasha Mystery
School Players", Leanne Bolton, for continuing
to write my character as "Asun", allowing me enormous
freedom to tickle the funny bone of our
audience, and giving me a true actor's satifaction.

Enjoy these pictures, more will be added soon. 


Archive Date  10/18 & 19/08   


The "3 to 1" Band  "Female Vocals"
Continue & Vocal Roughs

Two days of vocal acrobatics, texturing and
layering, kept Shira in the vocal booth, eight hours a day. She poured it
on when necessary, and pulled from her socks
to unleash a seemingly never ending stream of high held inflections for
the background layering of the ending of "The Real Me".

With quiet determination she stood and
pondered, as I created one high flying melody line after
another. She gave her heart in trying every
idea and concept I came up with, until we would hit on that
obvious perfect compliment, for what each song

The control room would come unglued
with hoops, screams and hollering everytime she would nail
that perfect take. Especially after abandoning so many
almost perfect performances. It seemed that I was hell bent
on a magnifying glass observation of minutia.
But then,.. in a breath holding, and breath taking moment,
she would birth, THE TAKE, THAT ONE, the one
performance that brought tears to our eyes, and screaming
and yelling in satisfaction and release.

Oh my God, it is a mind consuming, emotional,
and cardiovascular infusion, to talk your artist to the edge
of the cliff, invoke their trust, that they must
throw themselves off in recklass abandon, using hand gestures
and body language, while looking into the
microphone and imagining that they're peering into the eyes of
their love, to get that emotional release on tape.

Shira, her counter part Jory, Myles on guitar,
and Robert on bass, all surmounted that Everest numerous times.
And at the end of each journey to that inescapably
perfect take, once acheived, only a moment to revel, and then
another, and another, and yet another challenge to
conquer. Oh each line, or phrase has it's own particular voracious
ability to consume you, or impede and stifle
your progress, but it's a master's calm, the producer's voice
over the talk back, and the pro's confidence
that allows the artist the great rapture of satisfaction,
when the last line has been sung to perfection.

This last week has been dedicated to creating
vocal roughs of the thousands of intertwining lines, harmonies,
counter melodies, back ground layers, doubling
textures, and effect whispers, to give a producer's eye
view of the finished vocal concept.

It's a task that I've done so many times,
 and love to do. I get to sculpt a working model of my creation
to display for yeah or nay, from the executives
involved. Although passionate about every nuance of the production,
I've learned a quiet detachment, to be able to step
back and view the hours and hours of hard work as an entire module,
which either fits the sinario or needs reworking.

While mixing, it's like walking down memory
lane. With every fader I raise, I open a music box filled with
the essence of my artist's sweat and blood they
gave, to give that unique, soul filled performance. I relive my
tears and their joy, like rereading a favored
passage from a timeless novel, in real time, unfolding under
 my fingers at the console. They have entrusted me
with their most prized possesion, and I will not betray them.
I am their liaison to the outside community. I know
what they went through to give these performances, and their
trust is safe with me.

Do I over intellectualize the art that
 I love? I think not. As Van Gogh worked for 30 years straight
not for credit from others, but simply because doing
his vision drove him, I see creativity as an energy that goes
forth like the blooming of a beautiful flower, without need
of appreciation to know that it, as God's expression,
is sacred all on it's own. And that by definition, it is worthy
of protection, nurturing and revere.

The finished vocal roughs are one half of the
over all impacting communication of each song, The muscle,
smack, and power of the drums, guitars and bass, will
define it's ultimate genre. Our musicians have given it all
that it needs to live past our feeble physical lives,
as these recordings will out live us, who have created them.
How I mix the final product will determine
what market clamors for it. It is vogue to mix and aspire to
 the highest market value, but many times it's genius
to sincerely play the innate quality of the artist's gut feeling.
This many times starts a whole new genre,
based on the wholeness of that blooming flower that didn't
do so to please anyone in particular, just the fact
that God bloomed in that way.

Well with all confidence, do I know that
I stand watch over some of the finest heart felt performances
that any musician, let-alone teenage performer
could give.

Just a few guitar overdubs, a mix, and we're done.
Then it's on to the stage. 

Stay tuned, don't miss a drop!!


Archive Date  10/7/08   


The "3 to 1" Band  "Female Vocals"


I was speechless,...!!!  In all the preproduction
rehearsals, I had never seen or heard Shira Kreitenberg
cut loose with such gutsy, attitudinal pointed 
passion and energy.  She soulfully and woefully soared the track
in a range I had never heard from her.
She belted out genuine crys of sincere feeling, and then,
brought tears to your eyes with her soft,
delicate close mic whisper, as though she was looking
in your eyes to tell you, in the song,  "limited",
 "Love me in this moment, 'cause I'm only here for now".
She played off of Jory's vocal, as a statement
and reply, giving a dynamic give and take quality to their duet.

Shira's vocal texture is lilting and personal
when up close in your ear. She exudes relatability
and charm to her fans. And when she lashes
out in powerful sweeping passion, her edge,
and then release to a sensitive cry, tears
your heart out.


All the way down this production, I have had
a confidence that I could pull the performances I needed
out of each one, because I trust my feelings about
an artist and their core. But at every turn, when I dove
in with each of them to get that special rendition,
systematically, they have blown my doors off, with
one over-the-top, unexpected,
incredible performance after another. With siging qualities
that were untelegraphed.
Recording abilities and techniques instantly
learned, and expanded upon.
A work ethic and stamina, Arnold Shwartzeneggar
couldn't keep up with. Each of them,
Dug their heels in all the deeper, when the
going got tough. Never did any one of them
back down when I said "I need one more, have you
got another one in you"?

Needless to say, I love producing
this group of prodigies. Shira is one more example
of under stated genius, that has merely waited
for the right direction to make it flower
into a beautiful expression of world changing


More of Shira's vocals will ensue. I'm way
prepared for the unexpected to occur now.

Stay tuned for more,.....


Archive Date  9/21/08   


The "3 to 1" Band  "Male Vocal" Overdubs


If there ever was a "Hero" band award, to
be given out for adding the quintessential defining touch to
a song, it would indeed go to Jory Glick. His
distinctive style, writing and vocal texture gave the band's songs,
an industry calling card, unique to only this group
of musicians.

Jory's vocal quality is strong and impacting,
and at the same time delicate, with a genuine sincerity that
draws the listener in. His lyrics are thought
provoking and sensitively crafted. All, then brought together
by a boyish relatability that crosses all barriers
with an innocent truth.

As he makes a point, of either the emptiness
of pursuing addictions, or the unescapable mortality of
time, his reluctant depiction takes on an
introspective and compassionate cry that etches
on the melody heart felt meaning.

With big blue eyes and a sparkleing smile,
who would have thought his creative veins would
run so deep. The rythmic machine that
smacked out the drum tracks was almost transparent,
as song after song he poured out his guts
to exhaustion.

He set a beautiful tone and environment
for his singing partner Shira, to complete her side of
this duet based band. With her verses and
counter melodies that are planned, these songs are a
tag team of sensitive, strong, give and take,
ying and yang, the likes of which are not comparable.

Hold on to your hats as this project
approaches it's completion.


Archive Date  9/7/08   


The "3 to 1" Band  "Synthesizer" Overdubs


With style and flare, the one woman, three man band,
added more depth and panoramic texture to their already solid
tracks. Shira spiced up "The Real Me" with
sub-sonic synth growls, wide sterophonic pads, and
sequence sample and hold loops.
"Hourglass" got pads and some pianistic embelishments,
while "Limited", the already rock / reggae
machine, got some foundational synth support.

As always Shira Kreitenberg sat down
and knocked the tracks out. Six hours latter she looked
as relaxed and unfettered as she did when
she walked in, after her long morning run. She's gearing up,
and shaping up, as all the members are, preparing
for their up coming stage presentations
of these hit singles.

Her next over dubs will be the
duet, and counter melody vocal parts, after Jory Glick
lays in his vocals.

There is an excitement in the air
as these works of art near their completion, and hit
the market. And although Shira plays with
a passionate excitement, her demure, calm exterior
says control, and constant reliable artistry,
is where success lies for her.

The stage show is in the works. The
music is in their ears. Creation is what their about,
and star quality is in their blood.


Stay tuned for the new vocals,
as Shira, just finished paving the way.


Archive Date  8/23/08   


The "3 to 1" Band  Guitar / solos Overdubs

More from the frett board of Myles Trifon came forth
this day. A final touch on the reggae mechinism of "My Time is Limited",
brought about another layer of the Caribbean pocket
that bassist Robert Gilling and keyboardist / singer, shira Kreitenberg
had set in place.

The thicker the layer, the more crucial it is that
every component fits together like a glove. And so it dose. Plus
the scattered licks and riffs embellishments set into
action, give it a rich feel good pocket.

Myles continues to impress, with on his feet
thinking and creating. A joy to watch, and a joy to work with.
He really set the stage for his band mate Jory, to sing
this track.


Archive Date  8/10/08   


The "3 to 1" Band  "KEYBOARD" Overdubs


With a poetic and graceful technique and touch,
Shira Kreitenberg, the "One", of the "3 to 1 Band", (she's the only girl),
brought home the gold !!!  She authoritatively laid down the
artsy piano bed track, that forms the dramatic ebb and flow of the
piano under currant of "Hourglass". The left hand sweeps,
and arpeggiation, that you don't often hear in a rock song, speaks,
and trades off energy with the guitar counter lines.

In an environment where there's little room for
artistic license, in that she was overdubbing to a locked-in
drum, bass and guitar track, she weaved a fine
line in the fabric of the music, that brought it passion
and beauty. She filled the spaces in the music
with poise and delicate suspense that ushers the listener
in to the next cadence.

In "The Real Me", she played a staccato pedal point
rhythmic sequence, that played off of the drums and guitar. It
allowed the guitar to back phrase, and then anticipate,
to create power, tension and release.

Through the long day of recording, she was a
trooper and a joy to produce. So much so, that I nearly
fell over, when seven hours in to the session,
I asked her to lay down the Hammond Organ track to
"My Time is Limmited", Which she did, in
"ONE TAKE",.........BRAVO!!
(Alright, so it might need a little finessing,
but heck, that's my job).

Shira's a power house of will and determination
with a shy and reserved demeanor. When she says she can
do something, she does it. Her piano chops are strong
and solid, as is her singing voice.
I look forward to her vocal sessions, as I know I'm going
to get some thrilling tracks from her.

More to come,......


Archive Date  8/1/08     



Ashaya's Transition

In a moment in time, filled with both a feeling of repose
and loss, I send up to the planes of bliss, my strength and gratitude to
a woman who exemplified the will of the Divine Mother,
and the courage to stand by her convictions, in the face of severe trials
and departure from this world. 







Ashaya ran and truly shaped the course of
events that touched and helped so many to their enlightenment
for the Akasha Mystery School. The spreading of
the knowledge of the Rose Pink Ray of the Ascended Master Angel
Akasha, and hence, the most recent change of the school's
name to the Academy of the Rose Pink Ray, were her passion, and
devotion. She did things her way, is a phrase that
everyone will agree upon. But her way was to be fair to all involved
in the school. And even though her hard and fast
will, some times impacted every one of us, we all knew she was up
to doing what she thought was best, and never a selfish

I remember bringing her to her first live encounter
to see Akasha brought through Usa, some years ago, in a camping
trip extravaganza I had set up at Lake Siskiyou, in
Mt. Shasta. I heard that last weekend Ashaya retold that story
at the workshop in Edmonton, Alberta. I remember as
we were waiting for our flight to Shasta, I put my head phones
on Ashaya, eager for her to hear the songs that I
would be singing. As it turned out, "Make It So", became one
of her favorite songs. And later "All Because of You",
she loved to listen to. She helped champion my place as
 MC for the Fall Conclaves. Don't get me wrong,
she fought me at every turn, with wanting this acommodation,
or that special treatment, (after all, I know I am
 a prima donna), but she insisted on acting
fairly to all.






In her final chapter on this earth,
she secured and anchored all of us spinning satelites
of developing rays, and gave us a firm
footing to trust and lean upon. She stepped into the school
as a rock, and built a mighty temple for us, as she
rocketed us into the modern age of internet communication.
Never to my knowledge did she ever question
herself or the school's direction. She remained a rock, and I
hear through Akasha, she is already teaching
in the "I AM" school in the planes of bliss.

She leaves her precious children a legacy
of goodness, strength, courage and conviction. And to us,
her children of Light, an example of how to
stare down the face of fear, appearance and inequity
with a bolt of Light in one hand, and a heart of
pure gold in the other.

Ashaya's close friends from the school,
Yvo, Emma, Usa, Isaiah, Mahara, Leanne, Doina Maria, Sharon,
Najh, Suvasa, Mechele, Vendala, Francesca, Alexander, Paul, Ron, and
all the rest of us, appear here as a mighty fountain of love that
carries her to her Ascension date of 8/12/08.
We are not left behind, Ashaya carries us with her.


God Bless You my sister, and thank you.


Archive Date  7/27/08   


The "3 to 1" Band  Bass Overdubs


Robert Gilling completed the bass overdubs on the
third of the 3 to 1 band songs. This song was unlike the other two,
in that it is a departure from the standard rock /pop format.
"My Time Is Limited" is a free style rock / reggae, with a message,
and a cutting edge counter melody duet.

In an open minded leap, this teen rocker,
did an on the spot college course transformation to the
undulating, upbeat, Rasta culture, in-your-face
Reggae bass style. Where the bass is the meat of what the
listeners dance to. It's a different drum / bass
component style than rock.  The bass becomes the feel good
flow of the song. And the drums match the bass part
basically only with the kick, while the snare plays in a laid back,
what you would call an "East coast" style,
behind the beat pocket.

As we matched Jory's drum track, we
ran up and down a slippery slope of on-the-beat,
off-the-beat, combinations, to creat a feel
good bass track that Abe Laboriel would grove to.

The Reggae monsters of Jamaican fame
got nothing on us. This track moves and pockets
like the hips of a 300 LB moma in a Rasta
love fest. Even against the tracking scratch Hammond
and guitar tracks the song makes you sway
your head from side to side, and nod like a chicken
on a bicycle.

Great job Robert, thank you for your patience
and trust. Sorry about the long in depth philosophical dissertations,
But playing the pocket, is knowing the pocket,
and you did just that. Over dubbing all the instruments and
vocals will be a gas.


Lots more here,.....  

Archive date: 7/19/08  


MASTERING OUTPUT  Royal Adams album 2


Yes, this week I outputted the final master
of the Royal Adams 2nd album provisionally titled "Please Remember Me".

I had been away from it for a few weeks, and the
revisitation of this wonderful piece of work was enthralling. The depth
and scope of the inner emotions that this music calls up
is profound.

Royal plays with a such a subtle dynamic touch,
that weather it's the fact that he's channeling the notes, or just feeling
the emotion flowing through his body as he plays,
the listener is constanty guided, or what you could call awakened
by a change in direction in the the musical flow.
While you could just play this CD as background music, the most
fundamentaly enlightened person wil probably
have their attention dominated by the qualities in the sound.

I can write volumes about the source creation
that Royal has provided, plus the "audio file" spiritual qualities
that have enhanced the CD production. But not here.
I'm currently composing the producer's linner notes for the CD
art work. There I will do my best to prepare the
listener for this treat.

I'm sure there will be more on this soon,....


Archive Date  7/13/08   


The "3 to 1" Band  Guitar Overdubs


Yesterday, another chapter in the unfolding
of a new presence that will impact the world's music stage,
guided it's guitar craftmanship to a target
rarely acheived by most artists, let-a-lone new, novice
early teen composers.

Myles Trifon, is the fourteen year old, that
any father would like to call his own. He is kind, gentile, soft spoken,
and thoughtful indeed, but, thoughful also, in the sence that
he is a deep thinker of concepts, voicings, melodic structure and
counter pointal guitar technique stategy.

Yes, these are big words but with big
meaning. They don't fall off my pallet lightly. Humbly, I have worked
with some of the greatest melodic guitar structure
strategists, ala Steve Vai, Eric Clapton, Andy Summers, Yngwie Malmsteen
and Lee Ritterhour. And that quality of on your feet thinking,
in the middle of a long taxing recording session, balancing half your
mind on the creative melodic texture, and at the
same time, calculating, transposing, antisipating and developing
new techniques on the spot, regarding pulloffs, sweeps,
stretches, hammer-ons and  inverted voicings, created, and then
executed in so many ways, until the right passionate
nuance brings you to tears.

This is the mark of an industry shaping master,
from what universe, I don't know. But I do know that there are
very few 30 years old profesionals, who can play
as Myles plays. He is a prodigy, packaged as a sweet boy.
It seems he has no right to toy with so many of my
favorite songs from my early musician days, playing them better
than the original artists did. Twelve life times of mine
would it take to learn and remember so much famous music,
but he's only about to turn fifteen. 

Producing his tracks, I had the sensation
lickened to the relationship between a GPS navigational control,
and a Ferrari. I could guide and give him my
producer's sensibility, but truly, I sat at the feet of an
instinctively wise master, who took what I said,
and turned it into volumes of rich music.

Needless to say, I had a great time,
and he said he did too. I will urge his parents to search
out an appropriate guitar inspirer, who wil be
able to offer him some worthy guidence.


As always, I'm in awe of the paths
the Universe leads me down. What a great time life
has proven to be.


Most certainly there will be
much more to come on the unfolding of this band's
production,...stay tuned.


Archive Date  7/7/08   



The "3 to 1" Band  Bass Overdubs


Yesterday, another display of true professional attitude

took place as Robert Gilling knocked out two of the three songs the
band has tracked. I got the feeling I was working with a
seasoned Pro, even though in years, he is quite young. And although
he has only been playing bass a reletively short time, I
found out his keen sense of pitch and timing came from eleven years
of piano and sax.

But throughout the session I sensed a different
quality, typified by an unshakable calm and knowingness
that the next lick to fall from his fretboard would
be more inspired than the first. I felt many life times of
musicianship. And maybe coming into this one
with an agenda to accomplish. I was pleased with his ability
to trust my instincts as producer, and that I would
get him to that place of solid foundation, that he knew the
 bass track of every record must be. 

His tracks are solid, and Robert stands out as
a key fundamental in this groups persona.

More to come,.....

Archive Date  6/30/08   



The "3 to 1" Band  Tracking Date


The "Three to One" Band, tracked the first three of
their five song EP last Sunday. They pulled together some of the
finest performances of the bands history.
Jory Glick, on drums
came up with a stellar performance of what can be very tricky and
involved rock and reggee arrangements. The band's
support for it's members is heart warming to see, given the fact
that they are all in their early teens.

Myles, on guitar, Robert, on bass, and Shira, the girl
singer / keyboardist, played their hearts out to support Jory in perfecting
every nuance of his drum track. This very young band can
really play, and will take the market by storm, mark my words. They
have all the ingredients for writing, singing, and a young
perspective contagious attitude. I look forward to the ensuing
overdubs to complete these songs, It will be great fun.

More to come soon,.....

Archive date: 6/7/08  



Big D & the Blues Steet Band

An extraordinary mixture of talented blues recording
artists, completed their background vocals yesterday. The band's
writer / singer / founder, is Deryl Herbert, a truly
bluesy, soulful character with a powerful and articulate voice.
They are a pleasure to produce, and I expect the
first half of the new album to be completed by late August. 
The music has catchy solid rythms from drummer Tim,
supporting blues / rock guitar textures, with Deryl's vocal chops
over the top.

Over the course of these recordings, the band
has had a few personel changes. The new harp/ percussionist,
Less, brings to the band, hilarious charm and sensitive
flare. Between Tim, Less, and Deryl doing these backgruond
vocals, it was one hoot after another.

I look forward to the next sessions, as does my
son, who has fallen in love with Tim's little dog.

More on this later.

Archive date : 5/19/08  



Wesak Festval

I had just finished my last performance the night before,
at the Wesak Festival, in this extraordinary surrounding
of Mt Shasta. I thought to myself, before I leave, I must take
the opportunity to do my calls to my Presence, and reflect on
the way God, once again came through to give me a clear strong
voice, at one of my favorite sacred lakes, Lake Siskiyou.
So I followed the winding road out of town, through the forests
to this dreamland clearing where I had camped many years ago.

The morning was crisp, but warm, and the smell of fresh pine
needles followed me all the way down to the water's edge.
I took out a kayak from a holding area by a makeshift pier,
and paddled out to the center of this enormous panorama of
thick forest trees. And there, from the center of the lake was
the larger than life image of snow draped Mt Shasta in all of
her glory, standing before me like a mighty God majestrate
peering down at me in my little kayak.

The Sun was warm, and as I dragged my hands and feet
through the water, I felt it refreshingly cool. Birds flew
overhead, and fish jumped up and made splash sounds here,
then there. I looked around me 360 degrees, surrounded as it
were by all of God's children, as the trees and forests,
and me in the center before this mighty mountain.

I closed my eyes and cast a golden ball of light from
my heart out and up to this mountain that has been known
to be the Ascended Masters retreat of the great Master
Saint Germain. And as I have been acustomed to,
I felt the entire chorus of forest trees turn
their attention toward me, almost as if all the trees
immediately surrounding the lake leaned in towards me.


I said my Violet Flame montra calls to the mountain,
letting my voice resonate against a seemingly endless
standing wave, that traveled along the water
to the mountain and back again.


I felt bliss, I felt what all of the fish, birds, wildlife
and creation must feel, when something has gone so right,
and their is no concern, forethought, prethought, or future
concern about wheather or not God and the Universe
is fuctioning the only way it can, or would,....perfectly !!