Singer / Performer

Magic sings with a style and
flair that is tempered with experience
and cunning. He has a stage
presence of impact and drama, as he
sings his music filled with
passion and love. He can hold an audience in a suspended

state of awe, as they travel

with him through
the emotions of his music.

His musical tributes
to the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Hosts,
are filled with reverence and insight. This is

complimented by his knowledge

of the emotional body,

and his understanding of the way

to deliver an inspirational

In the 90s, Magic prowled
 the stage in rock and roll venues, and punctuated the
message of his songs with explosions, firing squads, and
live fencing on stage.

" The world has always
been a stage, and music a vehicle by which to affect it".

During the 70's & 80's, Magic
toured with his cover bands, singing
in just about every bar

and dive the region had to offer.

When his oldest son,

Magic II started preschool, Magic

started studing the art of magic with

Luis Turner, "The Modern Magician",

from the Magic Castle.  

Illusions, dove productions, and flaming
apparitions, were incorporated
into the act.

"Staying in a hotel room
with six doves and a rabbit can
sometimes be more than
one musician can handle"
-Drummer, Gil Walters-

And still, Magic always
found a way to keep his friends
interested, and performing
his dramatic, artistic, and sometimes
down right slapstick endeavors. 

"Singing from your heart,
in its truest sense, is letting go, and
letting your Presence sing
through you. When I do this, my
voice sounds its best, and
my feeling and passion get across".

After twelve years of night
club entertainment, and fifteen years
of original rock bands, Magic
now sings of the spirit that beats
his heart. It's not surprising
that he started at an early age.

Magic started violin
at age four, then piano at six.
He began singing with
his brother Gerard, in talent
shows and family get-
togethers. At eight, he joined
the 'Mitchell Singing Boys',
touring North America and
singing for almost every
conceivable denomination
of church service imaginable. 

This experience proved to be invaluable in his Producer, Mixer, Singer and song writing career.

When Magic once again rejoined the regular school system, he then formed, his first rock band. They played Masonic Temples and parties. 

Having received an
extraordinary amount of musicology

and  theory training in the

'Mitchell Singing Boys', he was a

natural organizer and band leader.

His music tells a story, and with eloquent punctuation, his
persona on stage delivers that message.


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